Having a Messy Desk Can Kill Productivity

Lucy Lyle, the former founder of Perch is quoted saying “The best way to start is determining what you need within arm’s reach.” this quote directly relates to maintaining a tidy desk. If your desk is messy, an untidy desk will kill productivity because you will not be able to work efficiently.

When you have a messy desk you will be constantly distracted and feel a sense of being overwhelmed. The clutter of items can cause you to lose focus on what is needed to complete your work at hand.

One of the most frustrating things about a messy desk is that it can be hard to find items. Lucy Lyle proposes that this leads to bad time management as you are constantly looking for items in the mess. Remove all unnecessary items with fewer items on the desk. It looks neat and is easy to clean daily.

A disadvantage of having a messy and untidy workstation is that it can breed germs and be unhygienic which can lead to you becoming sick. When you work in an unhygienic area it impacts negatively on your production as you could contract an illness and have to stay off work.

Studies have shown that employees that work in a clean and tidy environment are more productive due to being less stressed. Having an organized environment shows your co-workers and clients that you pay attention to details and take pride in your work.

One of Lucy Lyle’s suggestions is that you keep storage boxes and trays on the desk that can hold all essentials that are needed throughout your work day. Files and documents can be filed neatly in trays that fit together having the dual function of saving space and keeping the desk neat.