How A Company Can Implement Cost Savings Procedures In The Workspace

Since the industrial revolution, business leaders have debated the topic of cost reductions as they look for ways to reduce expenses while boosting profits.

Any business-oriented company’s main objective is to maximize revenue while minimizing and economizing as much as possible on operating expenses. So, how can businesses cut costs and maximize profit without sacrificing the quality of their service? Wesley Virgin will show you how.

Online Advertising

The amount of funds that businesses set aside for marketing is evidence that marketing and advertising are essential to any company’s success. This makes it one of the crucial areas where cost-saving measures should be implemented.

And transitioning from traditional to online or digital marketing is one way to accomplish this. As the digital world expands, so are the choices that businesses can take advantage of.


Outsourcing portions of a company’s operations to a professional third party is another efficient method businesses use to save costs. There are some company functions that, are not directly related to the company’s primary goals. These are the duties that ought to be delegated.

Save On Electricity Bills

Electricity costs can be relatively high, particularly in businesses with high energy usage rates according to Wesley Virgin. There are ways to reduce prices and save cash on these fees, though. Replace all light bulbs with affordable, energy-efficient LED bulbs as one method.

Target Costing

A strategy of reducing costs known as target costing or product costing comprises pricing products following management’s approval at an early stage, typically the planning and development stage. Wesley Virgin always says, “You must know what you want first, meaning you must have an initial blueprint.”

3 Great Tips for Marketing your Business

Every successful business owner knows the importance of consistent marketing. You must keep your brand and/or company name highly visible, so that clients and potential clients don’t forget who you are and what your business is all about. Consistent marketing is the key to steady sales.

According to Javier Loya of OTC Global Holdings, “Your message must be positive. It helps if your email colors and fonts are somewhat similar each time. This is all a part of building your brand and keeping sales strong.”

OTC Global Holdings in Houston, Texas, is the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world and has been quite successful over the years.

Below, we discuss a few other helpful tips on consistent marketing:

Be consistent and professional.

Ensure that your marketing campaigns have a central thread running through them. This can include choosing color schemes, layouts and fonts that are similar each time. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. These reflect poorly on your business acumen and silently tell the reader that you aren’t careful with details.

Be creative and deliberate.

Marketing requires creativity in order for a campaign or project to work. However, being creative does not necessarily mean veering too far away from your company or brand’s identity.

Effective Analytics

Analytics have taken on a whole new meaning for the 21st century business person. Know your customer. Who is he? When does he shop? What makes him buy?

Javier Loya is a Houston businessman who has been recognized by the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2002. Loya served on the Board of Regents for Texas Southern University from 2007-2009. Presently, he owns and operates OTC Global Holdings, which is a commodity brokerage. He is married and has two children.


Time Management Tips for Business Leaders

Time management refers to the specific skills, tools, and techniques used to make the best use of your time, especially when you are trying to accomplish specific goals. We never really conquer time but can instead learn to conquer ourselves and use the time we have wisely. In the business world, time is money and money is usually the motivating factor so managing your time wisely is of the utmost importance.

When beginning a time management effort, remember that your habits and attitudes play a pivotal role in the way you manage your time. You did not acquire the time management skills or habits that you have now overnight, and you will most likely not change them that quickly. Be patient with yourself and view the changes you want to make, as you would view changes in your diet or exercise regime: steps along a path to your overall health and wellness.

Begin by acknowledging ways that you waste time. Do you spend too much time on personal phone calls? Do you visit too much at other people’s desks? Are you taking five minutes here and five minutes there that are adding up to hours of wasted time?

Consider your social networking habits; do you Facebook, Tweet, or check out Instagram when you could or should be doing something productive? What about computer games? Are you turning a harmless diversion into a time thief? Do non-business-related emails eat up your days?

Learn to identify these time stealers and eliminate them. Use common sense. There are volumes written about time management. There are many seminars and lectures on this topic. Countless time-saving products have been invented. Still, good old-fashioned common sense can go a long way to helping you to decide how to use your time wisely.

Below is a quote from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

It is you who have created your own reality.
You are never a victim, but a creator.

With many years as a well-known spiritualist leader and teacher in her field, Zhang Xinyue is known for a variety of achievements. Her creation of the Abundance system aims to promote a meaningful and straight forward approach to life’s philosophical issues. In 2012, she finished one of her best-selling books, Create Abundance. The book is a collection of quotes containing words of wisdom on how to develop body-mind-spirit cultivation.

Zhang Xinyue’s Create Abundance was initially released in Chinese, but it is also available in English and other languages now. A second version of the book has also recently been released.

Five Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Health

The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association

Since the global economic problems of the past year, many small business owners have reported problems with mental and emotional health. We have all seen some real financial struggles over the past few years and these are bad economic times for many.

But people do still need good mental, spiritual and emotional health. Especially now with everyone so stressed out about wars and huge natural disasters. More than ever, people need the comfort of a healing touch.

For those struggling, there are lots of good options and many of these are not expensive. Try one or more of these for greater spiritual health:

Join a church or organization that gives back to the community

Find someone in your neighborhood who needs help and offer to help them

Spend time in relaxing activities such as reading each week

Take a drive in the country

Talk to your family and tell them how you’re feeling

With good spiritual health, you can keep your business moving forward and continue to be successful. There are lots of ways to create abundance in your spiritual life.

In these tough economic times, we may have to make unpleasant choices about cutting back on luxuries but remember that things are improving. Don’t allow any of this to cause you stress. We can develop new positive habits for a better lifestyle that will improve our spiritual health. Try some new things to relieve stress such as full-body massages or acupuncture.

The Global Spiritualist Association was founded by teacher Zhang Xinyue in the year 1999 with the goal of bringing in the best Spiritual Teachers from various professional fields around the globe. The Global Spiritualists Association is well-known for focusing on creating a platform with international impact to exchange ideas for spiritual growth.


How to protect your company’s online reputation

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In today’s fast-paced world of online purchases, nothing is more important than a company’s online reputation. Taking a proactive approach to managing your company’s reputation will help to strengthen the company’s place within the industry while helping to increase its customer base.

Here are a few steps that will help protect a company’s online reputation.

Online reputation structure – A company’s online reputation includes all news articles, reviews, interviews, Facebook posts, and Instagram pictures plus any other information about the company on the internet. The most important information, however, is the information that appears on the first page of a search result. Google search the company name often to view and monitor search results.

Know who you are – Visualize what a perfect online reputation would look like and then use strategies to incorporate these qualities into projects and online content. The best way to create an ideal online reputation is to understand your audience and how your brand can support their needs.

Fixing a bad reputation is difficult – If the company has a strong online reputation, chances are that negative news about the company will not harm its reputation. But if the company has a poor online presence, negative news can affect how the company is perceived by clients, suppliers, and the media.

Understand your tools – Online reputation management (ORM) is key to managing a reputation as it ensures a company’s online content is aligned with its reputation goals. For example, ORM personnel will use websites such as which offers companies a platform to read and respond to customer reviews.

Revdex is an online business directory. Revdex’s aim is to improve the connection between consumers and businesses. They provide the customers with an opportunity to browse and post negative complaints and reviews about businesses and they make it easier for their voice to be heard by the companies.

For example you can file scam report about online shopping issues or file complaint about hotels.


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