How A Company Can Implement Cost Savings Procedures In The Workspace

Since the industrial revolution, business leaders have debated the topic of cost reductions as they look for ways to reduce expenses while boosting profits.

Any business-oriented company’s main objective is to maximize revenue while minimizing and economizing as much as possible on operating expenses. So, how can businesses cut costs and maximize profit without sacrificing the quality of their service? Wesley Virgin will show you how.

Online Advertising

The amount of funds that businesses set aside for marketing is evidence that marketing and advertising are essential to any company’s success. This makes it one of the crucial areas where cost-saving measures should be implemented.

And transitioning from traditional to online or digital marketing is one way to accomplish this. As the digital world expands, so are the choices that businesses can take advantage of.


Outsourcing portions of a company’s operations to a professional third party is another efficient method businesses use to save costs. There are some company functions that, are not directly related to the company’s primary goals. These are the duties that ought to be delegated.

Save On Electricity Bills

Electricity costs can be relatively high, particularly in businesses with high energy usage rates according to Wesley Virgin. There are ways to reduce prices and save cash on these fees, though. Replace all light bulbs with affordable, energy-efficient LED bulbs as one method.

Target Costing

A strategy of reducing costs known as target costing or product costing comprises pricing products following management’s approval at an early stage, typically the planning and development stage. Wesley Virgin always says, “You must know what you want first, meaning you must have an initial blueprint.”

3 Great Tips for Marketing your Business

Every successful business owner knows the importance of consistent marketing. You must keep your brand and/or company name highly visible, so that clients and potential clients don’t forget who you are and what your business is all about. Consistent marketing is the key to steady sales.

According to Javier Loya of OTC Global Holdings, “Your message must be positive. It helps if your email colors and fonts are somewhat similar each time. This is all a part of building your brand and keeping sales strong.”

OTC Global Holdings in Houston, Texas, is the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world and has been quite successful over the years.

Below, we discuss a few other helpful tips on consistent marketing:

Be consistent and professional.

Ensure that your marketing campaigns have a central thread running through them. This can include choosing color schemes, layouts and fonts that are similar each time. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. These reflect poorly on your business acumen and silently tell the reader that you aren’t careful with details.

Be creative and deliberate.

Marketing requires creativity in order for a campaign or project to work. However, being creative does not necessarily mean veering too far away from your company or brand’s identity.

Effective Analytics

Analytics have taken on a whole new meaning for the 21st century business person. Know your customer. Who is he? When does he shop? What makes him buy?

Javier Loya is a Houston businessman who has been recognized by the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2002. Loya served on the Board of Regents for Texas Southern University from 2007-2009. Presently, he owns and operates OTC Global Holdings, which is a commodity brokerage. He is married and has two children.


Reasons for Starting Your Own Business

Often business owners say that they formed their companies because they had a great idea for some new product or service. Some started out wanting to make the world a better place. At the end of the day, we all need to earn money to pay our bills. The Global Spiritualist Association understands this but also has helpful insights on this topic.

People with lots of money can make an impact on the world. You could build an orphanage or dig water wells for those overseas who don’t have clean drinking water. You could build a Soup Kitchen in the downtown area of the city where you live and feed homeless people. Poor people can’t do those things.

In its simplest form, money is just used as an exchange for goods and services. But it also creates its own energy and the energy between money, and you must be balanced correctly for you to achieve all your desires and goals in life. The Global Spiritualist Association can help with this if you need it.

Remember that money is a tool to help you get the things you need and want in life. It’s not healthy to be obsessed with material possessions but we do all want to live comfortably. We want to be able to take care of our families, go on vacations and give our kids a great education.

Join Us

The Global Spiritualist Association, founded by Zhang Xinyue in 1999, has a great many resources that can help business leaders achieve their dreams. They are there to teach, mentor and assist. For more information about this organization, please visit their website.

Four Great Efficiency Secrets for Today’s Entrepreneurs

The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association

Recently, business leaders have jointly learned some very tough lessons that hopefully stay with them for many years to come. One of the great things about most business leaders is their ability to rebound in any situation or circumstance. This is one way you can get help from The Global Spiritualist Association.

Hire Flexible Personnel

You need people who will be there through thick and thin. A person with a great heart and a hard-working attitude can help so much. Look for those who don’t mind working nights and weekends. These are strange times we’re living in and we all must do our part.

Automate tasks

With so many great new inventions and apps, it’s easy to use tools like Trello and video chat rooms to get work done. Get your employees on board. Make sure the whole workforce is automating as many jobs as possible so they can increase their personal productivity.

Hold meetings

With Zoom and other apps like this, it just takes a moment to get everyone together for a quick meeting. These could be done each morning. Talk about what you accomplished yesterday and what you plan to do today.

Eliminate things and people who waste time

Take a hard look at everyone’s activities each day. Talk to those you feel aren’t pulling their weight. Get your workforce streamlined and productive.

The Global Spiritualists Association was founded by author and teacher, Zhang Xinyue. This organization helps business leaders to become successful in their business and personal lives. Our annual conferences can be a source of encouragement and knowledge.

For more information about this organization, please visit their website.


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