Celebrities Talk About How to Envision Abundance to Create Success

A vision acts as a catalyst for abundance. It initiates a slew of unseen processes. There isn’t any suspense here. As you have seen, awareness builds upon itself. You get better at things if you practice. More optimism will follow if you reinforce the positive.

One term, “feedback loop” may seem sterile, but it applies to everything you hope for, imagine, and dream about. Focused feedback is the finest type. You don’t want to be eating a sandwich while texting a friend while learning to ride a bike. Riding the bike is your single-minded goal. In the same way, your life vision attracts the ingredients that lead to mastery while excluding unnecessary distractions. This process of winnowing does not require any effort on your part; it occurs naturally.

Zhang Xinyue explores this topic in her book, Create Abundance in greater detail.

A great many wealthy people and celebrities warn us about this. There is such a thing as wealthy but unhappy individuals—you may know someone who fits this description—but there is no such thing as fulfilled but unhappy people.

Material abundance, while necessary, does not provide fulfillment in and of itself. A vision that comes true brings fulfillment. The more the fulfillment, the higher the vision.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue includes this wisdom:

“Do you understand the significance and purpose of your efforts? Does this significance contain love? The more miraculous, the more you wish to have miracles. The faster you go, the more you wish to go fast.”